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Sing Smart Studios follows the terms set by the Queensland public school system. Prior to your first singing lesson you will be invoiced for the total cost of the term. Lessons can only commence once term fees are paid in full.

Payment plans: Payment plans are available only if arranged in advance.

NB: Every effort must be made to attend scheduled singing lessons as make up lessons and refunds are not offered.

Singing lessons for all ages
Enhance tone range and technique
Singing lessons on Skype (Covid-19) 

Singing lessons on Skype (Covid-19) 

In light of the global health concern around Covid 19, and in order to maintain the regularity of lessons for our students while prioritising their health, we would like to inform you that we also offer online lessons (via Skype) if you do not wish to have in-person lessons.
This is something we have successfully offered to those who live out of town, or due to weather/ transportation issues.

If you would like to have your singing lesson via Skype, you will need to follow the checklist below:

  • Request Skype lesson at least 5 hours before your scheduled lesson (to maximise your lesson minutes) by:
  • Setting up a Skype account (if you don’t have one already).

  • Ensure that you have the latest Skype update for the screen sharing feature
  • Add our email address as a “new contact” in your Skype account
  • Send us a Skype message with students first and last name.
  • Have Skype open 30 minutes prior to lesson time and be prepared by..
  • Having your music folder and backing track ready and playable on your device.
  • Your teacher will call you on Skype at your lesson time.

For those who are healthy and don’t have any reason to be self quarantined, you are completely welcome to come and have your lessons in our studios as per usual.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Kind Regards,
The team at Sing Smart Studios

NB: Please make every effort to ensure you attend your scheduled lesson asmake-up lessons and refunds are not offered.

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