UPDATE 25/3!!

UPDATE 25/3!!

Hi Sing Smart Studios family,

Due to further restrictions as handed down by the Prime Minister last night we're moving to online lessons for ALL students from COB tonight. This format will continue until we are advised otherwise. This is a regrettable decision as we love seeing you all in person each week, however we're finding the online platform has provided some great benefits to our students so far.

We prefer to use ZOOM as it offers some helpful features for audio settings, however Skype is also available.

Thank you to everyone who has offered us kind words of support and encouragement over the past month as we all navigate and adjust to this evolving situation. Your positivity and willingness to adapt at such short notice is greatly appreciated. We'll be walking each of you through the easy setup process.

Please see the link for a step by step video tutorial and further information about video lesson via Zoom.🌐💻


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