Come and join us by the Strand for a StepUP! walk and day of fun, food, and entertainment!!

We are all getting excited for the students who have volunteered to perform with Sing Smart Students at this years Step UP! For Down…

6 Oct 211min reading time47 words

Only 2 days left until our CONCERTS!

We are all starting to get REALLY excited! 👏 . . Here are a few snaps from the last concert that we love! ❤

1 Sep 211min reading time20 words

Paige Thomas up there doing what she does best at Calvary Christian Collage’s show ‘Mamma Mia’ a few weeks ago!! 🌸👟🎙🍇👰🏼‍♀️🤵🏻

11 Aug 211min reading time words

Also.... it's mandatory in Townsville for our first week back in studio! 😜(for those who are able)


11 Aug 211min reading time2 words

We are starting to get things ready for our term concert! LETS GOOOO! ! 🌙✨

(Click to view performance requirements).

10 Aug 211min reading time5 words

If we could make a 'day', we would make today the national 'James Appreciation Day'! 😄

It's been 2 years now since this young chap started teaching with us, and through everything that the past 2 years has thrown our way, this…

12 Jul 211min reading time61 words

Ella Rose playing at the Cotters Market this morning! 🤍🌅


27 Jun 211min reading time words

James' stellar performance from last weekend!!👌 . . . P.s 😍 That guitar!

26 Jun 211min reading time7 words

We are now on Instagram!

Follow us 📸 @singsmartstudios

22 Jun 211min reading time3 words

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our lovely Miss Sami!

You are so full of life, colour and passion and we love having you apart of our work family! 💚 So thankful for you!!!

12 Jun 211min reading time23 words


Keep an ear out for our friend Voye tomorrow on the Flinders Central Stage. What a well deserved opportunity to open for Birds of Tokyo…

8 Jun 212min reading time34 words

We are so privileged to have you on our team and apart of our lives!

Happy Birthday Mr. JimmyjamesLive!! 🍻🎶

5 Jun 211min reading time4 words

Only 1-2 months before our Miss Belindi and her husband Pierre welcomes their second sweet boy into the world!

With all the beautiful voices he has heard during lessons (including his mammas), we are sure he will sing out his first cry! Belindi and…

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2021: TERM 2 CONCERT! Performers: see p2 for T&C's

26 May 211min reading time words

We love hearing feedback from you guys!


22 May 211min reading time words


Wedding Season is coming 😍🥰 I would love to be included in your special day 🙌🍾 Let your friends know - Let your…

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Burdekin Eisteddfod

Oh Miss Paige, we are so proud of your achievements at the Burdekin Eisteddfod this year! All while studying grade 12, and rehearsing for…

12 May 213min reading time57 words

Congratulations Miss Samantha and Paige!

We are getting ready to book our tickets! 🎭 🎟 Tickets to this fantastic show are available NOW through Townsville TicketShop! https…

27 Apr 211min reading time24 words

Anzac Day

Remember all the men who have died. Remember all the battles fought. Remember all the tears families cried. Remember it was a freedom the…

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James out doing what he loves! 🌳

19 Apr 211min reading time6 words

Behind every performing artist is a story of someone who believed in them no matter the outcome.

Here is a special photo from our last concert. 😍 This photo is one of our favourites because it captures the strength and courage given…

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We are taking bookings for Term 2 now!

Learning more about music is an amazing journey! Let us help you take the next step to further your appreciation of everything music related…

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Congratulations Ella and Hollie for winning the Fast Track Talent Showcases 2021 ‘Best Presentation’ award for your duo!

Your performance was breathtaking!!! 🤍🤍 . . . #talent #Duet #singer #townsville #fasttrack #breathtaking #goosebumps #proud

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If your teacher has written a song with you this term, or you are looking to record a few polished tunes - Get in touch to find out more!

23 Mar 211min reading time28 words

It’s finally the opening night for Jersey Boys!!!!

We are so excited to watch you perform, Miss Sami!

17 Mar 211min reading time10 words


This is a great opportunity for those students who are looking to challenge themselves by performing in this competition along with many of…

12 Mar 211min reading time60 words

2021: TERM 1 CONCERT! Performers: see p2 for T&C's

5 Mar 211min reading time words

Flashback to our December recording sessions. 😍

(Photo credit to Mark Gaudry)

16 Jan 211min reading time5 words

Ripped off, I say.... 😂


6 Jan 211min reading time words

Today we had our very last day of teaching for the year!!🌲⭐️

Emily and Belindi have already started working on next years competition repertoire. We can’t wait to hear what they have put together!!!!

12 Dec 201min reading time22 words

Here is a quick snippet of James and Belindi's performance last Saturday!! (Click to view)

11 Dec 201min reading time6 words

Last night we had the first recording session of the month! 🎧💽

Our student Mark has written a few gems in lessons with James, and is now getting these pieces professionally recorded with us. We LOVE…

8 Dec 201min reading time42 words

These guys were amazing!

Click the post to view some more of the photos. We will be uploading some more highlights shortly!

6 Dec 201min reading time18 words

We love having James on our team!

His presence will no doubt leave you smiling. 😁

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Have you ever wanted to professionally record a song? Now's your chance! Book a session with us today! See flyer for details!

19 Nov 201min reading time22 words

Take The Mic! National Online Singing Competition

Applications are now open! Email us if you'd like a copy of the full Terms & Conditions.

21 Oct 201min reading time17 words

And just like that, it’s holiday time!!

Thank you all for joining us for another wonderful term! We are now taking bookings for Term 4, so get in-touch!

19 Sep 201min reading time21 words

Matilda has been busy preparing her song for our Term 3 Concert. 🖍

We can’t wait to watch her performance!

3 Sep 201min reading time7 words

Another lovely afternoon in the studio!🍁


26 Aug 201min reading time words

We love Saturdays with Miss Belindi! 🌿☀️


22 Aug 201min reading time4 words

Term 3 Concert Invitation - 2020

Click post to see full invitation.

17 Aug 201min reading time6 words

And at last, the two become ONE.🤍🌹

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ross!!!

17 Jul 201min reading time5 words

Welcoming Belindi to the team!!!🌿

We are excited to finally announce that our dear friend Mrs. Belindi Joubert has joined the team and will be teaching singing and PIANO…

13 May 202min reading time138 words

A new beginning

🌿As most of you know, due to the effects Covid-19 had on our beautiful families, with heavy hearts, we had to announce our closure for Term…

12 May 201min reading time83 words

JimmyJamesLive EP - Rise

Hi Sing Smart Family! We are ecstatic to announce that James' first-ever single will be dropping tomorrow! It is super exciting and he has…

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Tip: Easy steps to optimise Zoom's audio quality for the musician. 🎤🎸🎹

Click post to see step by step guide. (If you encounter any issues we can walk you through this in your lesson.)

26 Mar 201min reading time22 words

UPDATE 25/3!!

Hi Sing Smart Studios family, Due to further restrictions as handed down by the Prime Minister last night we're moving to online lessons for…

25 Mar 201min reading time163 words


CONCERT CANCELED We are sad to say that due to the new restrictions, both concerts on March the 28th have been cancelled. Those who have…

23 Mar 201min reading time146 words

Singing Lessons via ZOOM

Singing lessons on Zoom is simple, fun, and effective! All you need is: Computer with internet connection. Headphones Backing tracks and a…

23 Mar 201min reading time117 words

Concert Update‼️

Our term concert next Saturday 28th of March will still go ahead as planned. Due to the restrictions on non-essential gatherings as handed…

18 Mar 201min reading time109 words

Singing lessons on Skype (Covid-19) 

In light of the global health concern around Covid 19, and in order to maintain the regularity of lessons for our students while…

15 Mar 201min reading time281 words

Term 1 Concert Invitation - 2020

Click post to see the full invitation.

4 Mar 201min reading time7 words

Our staff kitchenette is complete!!!

Most used parts so far: Coffee machine - James ☕️ Washing machine - Natalie 👶🏼🧺

8 Feb 201min reading time12 words


EXCITED VIBES OVER HERE!!!! The term begins in only 2 days. See you guys soon! 🥳

19 Jan 201min reading time15 words


We have finished the bathroom. Happy poopin’ everyone!! 😂

19 Jan 201min reading time8 words


Vocal training encourages your creativity!

12 Jan 201min reading time5 words


Enquire for more information!

4 Jan 201min reading time4 words

2019 End Of Year Concert

Congratulations to all those who performed in our End Of Year concert!! There has been so much growth over the past term in technique and…

27 Dec 191min reading time36 words

We are excited to announce the details of Sing Smart Studios End Of Year Concerts! 🎤🎶

Details in link -

14 Nov 191min reading time7 words

Our new bathroom and staff kitchen is underway!!!

Watch this space... 🚻🛠

16 Oct 191min reading time3 words

Positions available for Term 4!


2 Oct 191min reading time words

Sing Smart Studios @ Relay For Life Townsville


22 Sep 191min reading time words

​Another win for this girl in Townsville's 2019 Eisteddfod!

Congrats Miss Paige! 1st in Modern Pop Solo 👩‍🎤 1st in Solo from Film or TV 🎬 2nd in Musical Theatre Solo💃

18 Sep 191min reading time20 words

​We are at Relay For Life Townsville today. Come along and support this great cause!

Entertainment from 5-6pm: -Renae Adcock -Sophie Shepherd -Bridget Ollier -Kiara Page -Isobelle Gilbride -Ella Craperi & Hollie Allen…

14 Sep 191min reading time19 words

Join us tomorrow for our Term 3 Concert!

13 Sep 191min reading time words

Group Rehearsal - Relay For Life

James and Renae have been working hard on their performance for Relay For Life this weekend. If you have signed up to be involved in the…

8 Sep 191min reading time40 words

Ethan Cavanagh - S.M.I.L.E for Ronald McDonald House

Ethan is the 2019 Townsville Young Citizen of the Year. We have the pleasure of working with this lovely young man at Sing Smart Studios…

7 Sep 191min reading time80 words

Student Paige Thomas performed at the 2019 EKKA, and ranked 1st place in Eisteddfod!

​Not only did Miss Paige Thomas get selected for, and smash her performance at the Brisbane EKKA this month, but she also ranked 1st place…

28 Aug 191min reading time56 words

Use your voice to support Relay For Life!

The team at Relay For Life have asked Sing Smart Studios to participate in their very special Candlelight Ceremony at this years Relay For…

8 Aug 191min reading time122 words

Welcoming Mr. James Ross to the team!

We are so excited to announce that Mr. James Ross is now working with us at Sing Smart Studios! James is a knowledgeable musician with over…

29 Jun 191min reading time67 words

Where you can find us